Reusable checklists for teams

Firesub is a mobile and web collaboration tool that helps teams and organizations perform recurrent tasks in a very easy and convenient way.

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Every team has recurring tasks to perform

By using checklists, people in teams and organizations don’t have to reinvent how to perform tasks every time they appear, and instead they can follow something that was already developed by another member of the team or organization.

Let Firesub help you!

Firesub is built around the concept of triggers, checklists and outcomes and it works like this:


Create triggers that will automatically trigger new checklists when your team needs them. Triggers can, for example be a time interval or a request from another system.


Create beautiful and simple checklists that are easy to maintain and keep up to date. Assign people to checklists and set due dates for how long a checklist can take to perform.


Use outcomes to specify what should happen when a checklist is completed. Possibilities include sending a email, require a sign off or trigger another checklist.

There is a lot more Firesub can do for you.

Stay organized

Firesub makes it easy to organize and find the right checklists.


Gathering checklists and people into groups makes it easy to organize and assign the right checklists to the right people.


Add labels to checklist to organize them by e.g. class, task, priority or anything else you can think of that fits you.


When you need more control, gather groups into an organization. This allows for a central administration of groups, people and permissions.

Stay informed

With Firesub it's easy to know what's going on.

Keep track

Your Feed allows you to see what is being worked on and other important events that affects you, so you are always up to date on what is happening.


Firesub makes it fast and simple to see the progress of the checklists you are working on, even when you collaborate with others.


Whenever an event occurs that you need to know about, Firesub informs you, so you never miss anything.

Need more power & control?

Upgrade your groups to get more fine grained permissions or gather your groups into an organization to allows for central administration.

Ready to get started?
unlimited checklists
unlimited groups
unlimited triggers
unlimited outcomes
Group upgrades
$4.99/month per group
+ downloadable backup
+ fine grained permissions, e.g. set checklist owners.
$39/month per organization
+ central user management
+ central group management
+ Google Apps integration

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