Firesub Premium

To get more features and control, upgrade to Firesub Premium.
Upgrading is simple, self-serve, and only takes a few minutes.

Get a complete toolset for your process management

Firesub provides something that other process management tools don't — that you have processes, that are up to date and is performed by the right people at the right time.

What you get with Firesub Premium

Task assignment

Assign people to individual tasks within checklists.

Set permissions

Specify who in a team can add, edit & remove templates and checklists.

Schedule recurring

Schedule recurring checklists every day, week, month or any other interval you can think of.

Notify by email

Send email notifications to team members, customers and others when a checklist is completed.


Start checklists on a reciving webhook call or make a webhook call when a checklist is completed.

Task order

Specify the order of wich tasks must be completed.

Required tasks

Require all tasks to be completed in order to complete a checklist.

More labels

Use up to 25 labes to categorize and group a teams checklist templates.

Firesub Premium costs $6.67 per member per month & team