Firesub is free to use for as long as you want, with an unlimited templates and team members. When you need more power, upgrade your team.





  • Unlimited Templates
  • Unlimited Checklists
  • 3 Checklists In Progress
  • 3 Template Labels



per user per month
billed annually
$8 billed monthly


  • Unlimited Checklists In Progress
  • Unlimited Triggers
  • Unlimited Outcomes
  • 25 Template Lables
  • Permissions
  • Task Assignments
  • Task Order
  • Task Requirement
  • Priority Email Support

How does Firesub's pricing work?

When you upgrade a team to the "Premium Plan" we charge your credit card for the number of people in that team. You can have multiple teams on different plans, e.g one team on the "Free Plan" and one team on the "Premium Plan".

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept any major credit card.

Is it secure to use our credit card on Firesub?

We use a third party payment service, Stripe, that handle all our billing for us. The only credit card information we ever see and store on our server is the last 4 numbers, the brand and the expiration date. Never the full credit card number.

We need to add more people to our team. How will that be billed?

We'll make a one-time, prorated charge to your credit card to cover your new team member's account for the remainder of the current billing period.

As an example, suppose your team is on the "Premium Plan," which costs $8 per user per month when billed monthly. You add a new team member 10 days into your billing period and there are 20 remaining days in the month. The per-day cost for each user is $8 / 30, so we will make a one-time charge of $5.33 ($8 / 30 days * 20 days) to your team's credit card on file.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer two months for free in exchange for an annual subscription.

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