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Everything you need to gain total control over your recurring tasks.

Templates and Checklists


Add tasks to your templates. Add descriptions to the tasks with lists, links and images.

Assign people

Assign people to different checklists.

Task assignment

Assign people to individual tasks within checklists.

Set permissions

Specify who in a team can add, edit & remove templates and checklists.

Perform checklists

Start as many checklists from the same template as you want.


Categorize & group your checklist templates with labels.

Task results

Add a list of possible task results for people to select for each task.

Task grouping

Group together tasks into sections within a checklist.

Due dates

Set due dates on your checklists to avoid completing your tasks too late.

Import your checklists

Import your existing checklist from any application where you can copy a list of text.

Task order

Specify the order of wich tasks must be completed.

Required tasks

Require all tasks to be completed in order to complete a checklist.

Triggers and Outcomes

Schedule recurring

Schedule recurring checklists every day, week, month or any other interval you can think of.

Notify by email

Send email notifications to team members, customers and others when a checklist is completed.


Start checklists on a reciving webhook call or make a webhook call when a checklist is completed.

Checklist results

Add a list of outcome results for people to select when completing a checklist.

Checklist comments

Get comments and feedback from people performing a checklist.

Teams and Collaboration

Invite people

Invite your team members by email.

In progress

View all your checklists currently in progress.

Activity feed

View everything that you need to know in a glance on your activity feed.

Get notified

Get notified when something happens that affects you.

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